IOS9 will be designed for China Optimization: map navigation feature significantly improved

According to foreign media news, the upgrade of the iOS9, its map feature will be significantly improved. Since the beginning in 2012 in IOS abandoned Google Maps instead of their own map, Apple has been trying to seize the map market recently, there are indications that Apple will in iOS9 and next generation OS X in the map of China were greatly improved.

Since Apple 2012 began in IOS abandoned Google Maps instead of their own map, map of the apple is due to various reasons was criticized from all sides, such as inaccurate travel information, abnormal 3D map display. These questions to China here is more prominent, if foreigners want to help with the help of Apple's map in China smooth trip, it is simply a very difficult thing. According to a foreign media reporter, when he traveled to Shenzhen when the apple map. However when he opened the map in the satellite map, see images like is shot down during the cold war picture, simply can not provide effective help; and he lived in a hotel in the map shows the position but with the actual position apart about six blocks of distance, thus, apple maps let people could find no reason for it is used in mainland China.

But recently, the reporter found that Apple maps in the mainland of China's experience has been improved, the biggest change should be data. According to him, like a map of the same Google, Apple also began to map with different colors to mark the subway station. And when he plugged in the SIM card, he can visit the apple map anywhere.. Even satellite data have been greatly improved, the picture appears clear a lot, but in mainland China, apple maps still do not support 3D Flyover view.

China Apple map another usher in the change is the subway navigation. In the Asian city, it is clear that the underground transportation passage for travel is very important. This change is particularly evident in Hong Kong plate, but is rather strange, mainland China Apple maps show the Hong Kong data did not appear in the Hong Kong version of Apple's maps. In addition, the former shows some of the content and the latter is not the same, should is because of the two on the street, the point of view of different names. In addition to the ground, the public transport on the ground has also raised a lot of.


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