The undeniable popularity of selfie sticks has made them available in crowds of products. They are so handy that it’s not enough to say that they are available in great numbers. The market is literally crowded with so many excellent, and not so wonderful, versions of them. Manufacturers have developed a selfie stick, or monopod (the formal name) for literally every kind of consumer. There is a selfie stick to meet all compatibility requirements with cameras and phones in a truly wide array of offerings. If you don’t have Bluetooth, or if you do, there is a monopod to work with it.

If you want one with plenty of different features or a simple plug and shoot variation, there is one for you. This review takes a look at the 30 best of 2015 currently offered for sale. If you have no idea what you want, then keep in mind that you’ll need one that is compatible with your phone or camera. That’s the starting point. Then, consider if you have Bluetooth and how each monopod helps you to pair it with your phone. After that, the length of extension, how small it will fold when not used, how much variation you want in terms of photo angles, and any accessories you want will be the basic considerations. There is a product to fit most any budget, so your final thoughts will turn toward whether or not you want it simple or full of features. There’s a lot to think about, but also plenty of potential fun to be had while using one of these handy items.
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