Toughened glass film

Temperedglass/Reinforcedglass belongs to safety glass.. The glass has quite good wear resistance, and very hard, its Vivtorinox hardness reached 701 to 622. Tempered glass is actually a prestressed glass, to raise the glass strength, usually using chemical or physical methods, in the glass surface to form a pressure stress, glass under external force first offset surface stress, so as to improve the bearing capacity and enhance the glass itself anti pressure, summer and winter, the impact. While tempered glass film is the highest level of security for the mobile phone screen.

Product background

Tempered glass protective film applied to the global most widely is in Europe. Therefore, the main supply of tempered glass protective film is the European market, tempered glass protective film in our country will be the rapid popularization and will form a huge industrial chain market. Although tempered glass protective film is a new type of mobile phone protective film, but a lot of the production of tempered glass protective film manufacturers, according to incomplete statistics, the domestic about nearly a hundred, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, and growing.

Early in 2012, the researcher people put the "safety glass," said the tempered glass used in the field of mobile phones, designed to protect the screen and design tempered glass protective film, the screen saver of high-end products. In 2013, some domestic power producers also from abroad introduced high-tech related raw materials and technology, research and development of independent brands toughened glass mobile phone protective film, to provide protection for domestic users.

Product performance

Steel film is to prevent the phone from breaking the broken screen. Not to scratch the flower. Ordinary film are 3H hardness, using a few months after the do not have too much scratch, the reason for the election of the screen because: the hardness of high toughness, mobile phone broke, you can very good anti broken screen. When the phone off the ground, the impact of the load is great, the tension will be broken off the big screen. The toughness of the film is low when the film is outgoing and the film will take the tension which greatly reduces the tension of the main screen.

Product quality

How to identify good tempered glass film:
1 the exhaust gas is not good phone surface residual bubble phenomenon;
2 toughened glass around the corner sticking, bubble phenomenon;
3 tempered glass and mobile phone adhesion, easy to fall off phenomenon;
4 tempered glass is too thick, affect the transmittance, and thick mobile phone thickness;
5 toughened glass paste too thick, the impact of the phone to show the transmittance;
6 toughened glass paste in the mobile phone, the phone has a watermark phenomenon.
7 glass film is divided into straight line and arc arc edge, bevel edge relative to the more mellow, easy to hand injury

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