Mobile phone film method

1. Follow the steps of the photo below to clean the screen.

1) first blow the dust around the phone.
2) with the lens pen soft hair brush to larger dust.
3) with lens cleaning cloth and rub to fine dust. Note that the lens cleaning cloth from left to right and gently rub three times, do not rub back and forth, so easy to dust around mobile, the results or on the screen.

2. The film began

1) extended convex part ripped the first layer side film (protective film of a film, remember, do not completely open this layer membrane, a angle can be torn, and do not let joint surface exposed in the air for a long time, easy to stick dust.
2) the film will be unveiled on the side of the film, and slowly stick to the screen..
3) with a credit card or a hard plastic sheet extending direction of the film press gently push, do the film direction gently push, do is ensure paste in membrane process does not produce bubbles, side push at the same time, while also observed have been partially attached to whether there is a bubble, if it is found that the bubble, you should gently lifts, after removing the dust continued to operate, if completely stuck, find bubbles, the remedy is not easy.
4) after the complete paste is flat, slowly tear the surface of the second layer vice film.

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