Swatch will launch the first smart watch in August!

For the traditional clock and watch industry, smart watch is not a need to pay attention to the opponent, even after the launch of the apple watch, many traditional watch industry old brand still on it sniffed. However, there is also a feel part of the brand to the smart watches bring potential threats, and started to launch their own smart watch to cater for the upcoming trend, the world's largest watch maker swatch was one of them.

Recently the swatch president Nick Hayek in an interview pointed out that the company will be in August launched its debut smart watch, then watch this smart will support wireless payment functions. In an interview, Nick Hayek and no explicit will be launched in any country, but he pointed out that the smart watches will be launched in Switzerland and a big country, outside estimates will be in the United States and China.

Swatch smart watch is the company's response to Watch Apple and other similar products. Swatch is famous for the production of Longines and OMEGA, Tissot watches the world. However, analysts believe that if Apple's smart watch in the market to succeed, Swatch will be the most affected watches manufacturers.


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