IPhone sales in China for the first time exceeded U.S. sales


According to foreign media reports, the first quarter of this year, iPhone sales of China for the first time than the United States, which makes the analyst more and more attention to the importance of apple in China. UBS (UBS) released an investigation report on Apple's China market. The report lists the following conclusions:

In China, the popular Apple products have more affluent consumers, and the annual income of less than 20 million yuan group; and most other countries compared to around as one of the determinants of the price to buy for Chinese people less important, many Chinese consumers are willing to spend more money for a new cell phone. Apple's Chinese customers replacement handset's frequency is very high, with an average 19 per month may buy a new machine; in China, apple in all cell phone manufacturers enjoy the highest customer loyalty.

As shown in the figure, in the next 10 years, is expected to Chinese consumers to replace Apple's new phone frequency was 18.6 months, and frequency of replacement of Italy, Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan respectively 22.8 20.9 months and 22 months, 22.6 months, months and 29 months.

Apple knows China this big piece of cake meaning. "We have made significant progress in China, we will continue to invest a lot of money in China," financial director Luca, masteri (Luca Maestri) in Apple's first quarter earnings report said, "Apple product sales growth rate in China's far more than most of the countries in the world."


Article source: http://www.51yasai.com/view/23369.html

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