IOS 9 will be the history of the optimization of the old equipment update

Believe that many users are aware that Apple will release the latest generation of iOS operating system at the WWDC 2015 conference, that is, iOS 9. Before there are reports that iOS 9 will be optimized for the old version of the device, and now again, iOS 9 will be Apple has always optimized for the old device a version update.

The latest news shows that a source of information on the iOS 9 will be the most friendly system for the old version of the system update. In order to upgrade this time, apple for older versions of the device were optimized for many times, prevent the iPhone 4 is installed IOS 7, iPhone 4S install IOS 8 serious stuttering problem appears again.

In addition, according to informed sources, iOS 9 in order to allow the old version of the device system running more smoothly, some of the new features iOS 9 will not be used. But before the news that iOS 9 focus is not on the new features, but reliability. IOS 9 is expected to be part of the original emergence of the new features slightly simplified or pumped, thus focusing on the reliability of the improvement. 


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